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Discover the best of Dubai Garden Glow.

Dubai - a city dotted with grandeur and elegance never ceases to amaze. A radiating jewel, Dubai Garden Glow located in Zabeel Park, resides in the heart of the city. Dubai Glow Garden is a distinctive attraction featuring exhibits from artists all over the world. Entering its 6th season, this unique blend of magic and art is ready to enthrall you with its whimsical charms. Launched in 2015, the majestic Glow Garden sprawls over 40 acres of land. It is an ode to the creativity and skills of people who think out-of-the-box. 

Dubai Garden Glow in a Nutshell

  • Opening in October of every year, Dubai Garden Glow in Zabeel Park raises the bar of innovation every year. An art gallery by day and a luminescent garden by night, this attraction is a family affair. Explore unique sculptures, simmering jellyfishes swimming in the Zabeel Park, and state-of-the-art technological installations at the Dubai Glow Garden. 
  • This year the Dubai Garden Glow will be inaugurated on October 11, 2020, and will last till May 2021, with proper social distancing mandates in place. You can visit the Dubai Glow Garden at Zabeel Park Area B and access the attraction through gate numbers 6 & 7. The park timings are 4 PM to 11 PM from Sunday to Friday and 4 PM to 12 AM on Saturdays.
  • The Dubai Garden Glow features four riveting zones: Ice Park, Dinosaur Park, Art Park, and The Glow Park. These different zones are embellished with music, live shows, rides, and other vibrant performances to keep you happy and entertained. 
  • Along with these main zones, the Dubai Glow Garden also has other attractions.  There is a Happiness Street that radiates positivity and the Happy Forest is all about connecting with nature. 
  • This attraction is a hallmark in sustainable development - using biodegradable substances for installations. The Dubai Garden Glow is a strong advocate of reducing the carbon footprint and conserving the environment. 
  • The nearest Metro Station is World Trade Centre on the Red Line. You can also take a taxi that will drop you exactly at the entry gate. 

Things To See At Dubai Garden Glow

Traverse through the beauty of the Dubai Garden Glow in Zabeel Park and discover larger-than-life attractions. There is a lot in store here that will blow your mind. 

Garden Glow Tickets

Glow Park

Crafted by 500 engineers, this attraction is the biggest glow-in-dark park in the World. This theme park illuminates with millions of energy-saving bulbs and recycled luminous fabric. Explore refined replicas of wildlife from Kenya, the Tulip Gardens of the Netherlands, and a plethora of aquatic life. This fantastical attraction of Dubai Glow Garden never fails to amaze its guests. 

Garden Glow Tickets

Dinosaur Park

Take a stroll down the history lane and rendezvous with life-size dinosaurs. This Dinosaur Park in Dubai is an infotainment hub built with 120 electro-mechanical devices converted as the pre-historic reptile. Interact with more than 120 majestic installations and learn about the life of dinosaurs.

Garden Glow Tickets

Ice Park

The Ice Park Dubai brings you freezing temperatures, up to -70 degrees celsius, right in the middle of the desert. Zip up the thermal jacket provided by the park and venture into a land curated with about 5000 tons of ice. This ice park mirrors animals, buildings, and film characters in all their glory. You can spot the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Mini Dubai here. 

Garden Glow Tickets

Magic Park

A sub-zone of Glow Park, this Magic Park Dubai features mind-boggling optical illusions. Follow the trail of awe-inspiring 3D artworks installed in this zone. 25 exhibits are curated especially for the 6th season of the Dubai Garden Glow. Every second spent at the magic park would be full of sweet surprises and innovation. 

Garden Glow Tickets

Art Park

Beauty meets brain at the Art Park in Dubai. Crafted from recycled and reused products like bottles, dishes, CDs and numerous other items, this zone is as gorgeous as it is environmentally friendly. You will be amazed to see peacocks and pandas made entirely from used products. This Art Park in Dubai is a marvelous work of wonder.

Dubai Garden Glow: FAQs

Is Dubai Garden Glow open Now?

The Dubai Garden Glow on Zabeel Park is open for its 6th edition from November 2020 to May 2021. The attraction closes for the summer months.

Is it worth visiting Dubai garden Glow?

This attraction is a unique experience for the young and old. Along with spectacular views and installations, there is a lot to learn about going back to nature and conserving it. The Dubai Garden Glow is a must-visit attraction. You will be transported to a world of magic and fantasy as you step-in this beautiful place. Some of the best engineers from around the world have breathed life into this visionary park. Its brilliance shines through making it one of the most popular attractions in Dubai.

What is the best time to visit Dubai Garden Glow?

The attraction is open to the public only during the winter season. You can visit the 6th season of this attraction from November 2020 to May 2021. Going around dusk around 5:30 PM would give you the best sights and views.

Is Dubai Glow Garden a family attraction?

Yes. This attraction is curated to cater to all age groups. Kids would have a memorable time frolicking from one bright exhibit to another while the elders can marvel at the sheer genius of every installation.

Are eatables allowed inside the park?

No. Eatables inside the park are strictly prohibited.

What experiences are best for kids at Dubai Glow garden?

There is a lot in store for little ones to explore in the Glow Garden. The Dinosaur Park would definitely spark their interest with gigantic replicas of the reptiles. The magic park will definitely catch their interest with intricate illusions and artworks. The Happy Forest with recycled fabrics mimicking wildlife will have them making new furry friends. The Dubai Glow Garden is an entertaining experience that will keep your kid invested and excited.

What kind of clothes should I wear to the Dubai Glow Garden?

The Glow Garden allows entry to people in appropriate and respectable attire.

Are Cameras inside the park allowed?

Yes, you can bring your own camera to capture the Glow Garden’s magic.